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    Unique system of protection of person and property
    Protection of the family
    Video/Audio Webcast
    Protection of property
    Training, seminars
    Business protection
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    Easy and reliable mobile application
    which will help protect you,
    Your family and property!
    Create translation for your loved ones and friends.
    Manage your devices remotely!
    All of your videos are stored in the cloud ...
    Of Happy Users

Easy to use

OdinVideoGuard is a modern solution for ensuring the safety of all users of our service. OdinVideoGuard gives you an opportunity to send mass notification about any potential security threat or emergency in your sight to trusted persons. Our mobile app provides a remote surveillance system for your real and personal property, Stream online video while saving a copy to the cloud And remotely control another mobile device with the app. The usable group streaming function allows to demonstrate the feed from your device to all users who have access to the channel. The service has an option for Public streaming of the channel where anyone can watch the uploaded video, including users who don't have an account, as well as Private streaming only certain people chosen by the user may view. You can monetize your stream. To begin working, simply install our app to your mobile device and sign up. Just two simple steps to gain access to the full range of services provided by the app. OdinVideoGuard. An innovative trend in security.

Tree simple steps: download, sign up and play.